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Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain Image

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Impact | VIFF Impact

For anyone who has questions about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (and who doesn’t?), Alex Winter’s thorough documentary is an excellent introduction to the blockchain phenomenon. Trust Machine offers a wide range of expert testimony and a variety of perspectives that explicate the promises and the risks inherent in this new manifestation of high-tech wizardry. And it’s not just money that blockchains threaten to disrupt: innovators as diverse as UNICEF and Imogen Heap make spirited arguments that the industries of energy, music, humanitarianism, and more are headed for revolutionary change.

A propulsive and subversive overview of this little-understood phenomenon, Trust Machine crafts a powerful and accessible case that a technologically decentralized economy is more than just a fad. As the aforementioned experts - tech wizards, underground activists, and even some establishment figures - argue persuasively for an embrace of the possibilities offered by blockchains, others criticize its bubble-like markets and inefficiencies. Either way, Winter’s film suggests a whole new epoch may be just around the corner, whether the powers that be like it or not.

Director Alex Winter
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2018
Running Time: 85 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English
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Featuring: Lauri Love, Vinay Gupta, Joseph Lubin, Christopher Fabian, Laura Shin
Executive Producer: Zach LeBeau, Arie Levy-Cohen, Alex Klokus, Joseph Lubin
Producer: Kim Jackson, Geoffrey J Clark, Alex Winter
Screenwriter: Alex Winter
Cinematographer: Anghel Decca
Editor: Tim Strube
Music: Bill Laswell
Production Company: SingularDTV
Print Source: Breaker


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