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Modern Tales from a Conflicted World Image

Modern Tales from a Conflicted World

ALT | International Shorts

We have here a program of short films from the perspective of our modern world, full of unprecedented change, technical marvels, and systems of control. They tell us that, while embracing the rapidly changing future, we must not forget about our past, as this is a part of our collective identity that helps ground us and gives us reference points. They tell us of a world where, in spite of our incredible communications’ developments there are more lonely and isolated people than ever, who need our help and understanding. This is a world with extremes of wealth and poverty, where lives are influenced and manipulated by political and economic interests to huge degrees, and unprecedented numbers of people are being displaced worldwide as a result of power struggles. While those at the top are partying, those at the bottom of the scale are the most affected but may be the most resourceful. From experimental documentaries to animation and almost everything in between, these shorts use a wide range of styles and approaches to deliver thoughtful, insightful, and entertaining experiences from the world around us.

Call Connect

Director: Indianna Bell, Josiah Allen / Australia, 2019, 17 min.
On her first crisis help centre shift, an untrained student gets a call from a suicidal caller. more...

I Signed the Petition

Director: Mahdi Fleifel / UK/Germany/Switzerland, 2018, 11 min.
After a Palestinian man signs an online petition, he is thrown into a spiral of self-doubt. more...

Lee Ann Womack's "Hollywood"

Director: Chris Ullens / UK, 2019, 5 min.
Life with her superficial and unresponsive man sends a woman on a fantasy cinematic road trip. more...

Liminaali & Communitas

Director: Laura Rantanen / Finland, 2018, 11 min.
After sunset, a man walks along the edges of a largely empty freeway, gathering roadkill… more...


Director: Duván Duque / Colombia, 2019, 15 min.
With her father’s corruption scandal looming, Melanie throws a party at her family’s country house. more...

My Generation

Director: Ludovic Houplain / France, 2018, 8 min.
This road movie critiques our bombardment by corporate logos and mass-consumption symbology. more...


Director: Shay Fellner / Israel, 2019, 15 min.
An elderly man gets convinced to go on a date to escape the routine of caring for his ailing wife. more...


Director: Malihe Ghloamzadeh / Iran, 2019, 8 min.
As a young woman flees her bombed-out home she drags along strands of things from her life. more...


Director: Shaunoh / USA, 2019, 4 min.
Stolen cookies are the basis for this moody modern parable. more...

Way Back Home

Director: Diego Freitas / Brazil, 2019, 17 min.
A seniors’ home gardener offers a retiree a ride home after no one visits him on Easter Sunday. more...
Director Various
Country of Origin: Various
Year: 2019
Running Time: 111 mins


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