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Troubled Voices, Teen Lives Image

Troubled Voices, Teen Lives

ALT | International Shorts | High School Outreach

Life is surely difficult for teens. Increased independence, self-awareness, and new relationships are countered by fears of sexual discovery, bullying, self-doubt, and the need for acceptance. This program of short films looks at teen lives and challenges from their perspectives in school, home, and the greater world. These are years of intense experiences, though teens can often struggle to express their feelings or struggle to have their voices heard, especially when their views challenge the accepted norm. What is so wonderful is how differently, creatively, and artistically these shorts address those troubled voices, films full of comedic, dramatic, and revealing moments that are sure to change your perspective. This program will receive BC classification, so that those under 18 may attend.


Director: Stephane Mounkassa, Stefan Sundin / Sweden, 2019, 7 min.
A substitute teacher is about to dismiss her last class of the week when a boy stands up demanding restitution from his classmates for all the bullying he has endured. more...

Family Hour

Director: Mariia Ponomarova / Ukraine/Netherlands, 2018, 12 min.
When teen Danya gets a visit from his divorced father at his summer arts camp on the day of the camp’s big performance, he is overwhelmed by conflicting emotions. more...

First Disco

Director: Helen O'Reilly / Ireland, 2018, 21 min.
It’s 1983 and HS freshman Kelly is experiencing her first crush, and school Disco Night is coming on Friday - but she has just got braces and they’ve changed everything. more...

Kill the Boy

Director: Juan Pablo Villavicencio Borges / Mexico, 2019, 11 min.
Everything is a competition when two teens full of irresponsible bravado - a deadly combination - trail-bike into the woods to shoot off a rifle. more...

The Legend

Director: Manon Eyriey / France, 2018, 11 min.
Two girlfriends are exchanging text messages with - and spying on - "the Legend", the most handsome guy in the neighbourhood. One is getting ready for her first night of love. more...


Director: Ben Pearce / UK, 2019, 14 min.
While driving a stolen rickshaw, a teen boy’s relationship with his younger sister is irrevocably altered over the course of one night. more...


Director: Olivia Altavilla / Australia, 2019, 14 min.
After a teenage girl witnesses an altar boy being mistreated by her local priest, she must convince her devout Catholic family to act. more...


Director: Anthony Lucido / USA, 2018, 16 min.
A teen boy with an autism-like disorder has a difficult life; socially bullied and ridiculed, he often pushes his guardian to the limits when his frustrations boil over. more...
Director Various
Country of Origin: Various
Year: 2019
Running Time: 106 mins
Classification: PG - coarse & sexual language; violence; sexually suggestive scene


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