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ALT | Modes

Sensory experience is heightened, questioned, and examined through different forms - a challenge to submit to the artist.


Director: Florian Fischer, Johannes Krell / Germany/USA, 2019, 20 min.
Developing a dialogue between nature and the filmic apparatus, Umbra captures optical happenings both rare and ubiquitous. more...


Director: Johann Lurf / Austria, 2019, 5 min.
Shot on 35mm and lit with a projector beam and strobe light, a hypnotic spinning wheel atop a verdant summer stream becomes a site of double trickery. Through a dizzying trompe l’oeil, the film reveals the incongruities between what is heard, seen, and actually present. more...

The Stroker

Director: Pilvi Takala / Finland/UK, 2018, 15 min.
In a hip co-working space in London, Takala disrupts the social equilibrium of the employees with a wellness program aimed at introducing touch in the workplace. Illuminating office politics, her subtle interactions question the limit of acceptable behaviour in an office setting. more...


Director: Martina Hoogland Ivanow / Sweden, 2018, 11 min.
Considering non-linear social structures and differing approaches to trust and fear, Hoogland Ivanow makes use of the thermal optics of body heat to capture the power and commonality of human contact. more...

Amusement Ride

Director: Nishikawa Tomonari / Japan, 2019, 6 min.
An aging Ferris wheel in Japan is the vantage point for this hypnotic piece. As it rotates, it evokes the movement of film passing through a projector. more...

L'Étoile de mer (The Starfish)

Director: Maya Schweizer / Germany, 2019, 11 min.
Harking back to Man Ray’s 1928 film of the same name, Schweizer (A Tall Tale, VIFF 17) returns to MODES with an immersive collage of material that delves deep into the Mediterranean Sea. more...

Stay Awake, Be Ready

Director: Pham Thien An / Vietnam/South Korea/USA, 2019, 14 min.
The streets are sweaty and alive. As the frame expands, so too do the rhythms and mysteries unfolding on this Vietnamese street corner. more...
Director Various
Country of Origin: Various
Year: 2019
Running Time: 82 mins


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