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In a world overly influenced by digital expression, these works underscore how we engage with modern technology as it intersects with issues of gender, sexuality, power, and environmental politics.

Hard On

Director: Joanna Rytel / Sweden, 2019, 20 min.
A horny single mother fantasizes about being a lesbian. Toys, apps, a younger guy with an oversized head - there are oh so many tools to fulfill her insatiable desires! more...


Director: Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca / Brazil, 2019, 21 min.
Taking its title from a popular and provocative dance movement in contemporary Brazil, this film captures the intense showdown of rival troupes mostly composed of non-binary members. By highlighting the liberated movements of queer bodies, Swinguerra wages war against Brazil’s bigoted political regime. more...


Director: Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis / France, 2018, 22 min.
Using wireframe animation and YouTube clips, Swatted explores a dangerous cyber-harassment prank known as "swatting" through personal and traumatic accounts of online gaming. more...

New Acid

Director: Basim Magdy / Switzerland/France, 2019, 14 min.
In a post-human reality where animals have evolved to communicate with Internet bots, dark exchanges and emoji-banter ranging from the mundane to the existential emerge… more...


Director: Riar Rizaldi / Indonesia, 2019, 18 min.
Tin is a foundational resource for all digital screens, with widespread application for Artificial Intelligence and renewable energy. Natasha, a solar-powered A.I., narrates her obsolescent life cycle from the mines of Indonesia, to the phone in your hand, and ultimately back into the ground. more...
Director Various
Country of Origin: Various
Year: 2019
Running Time: 95 mins


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