No longer able to make ends meet running low-rent hustles, Ray (Dean Imperial) resorts to getting some honest work: methodically pulling cable through the forest in order to connect the monolithic terminals that power Wall Street’s new quantum trading market. Alas, there’s no such thing as easy money. Automated robot cablers are also working the same routes and their efficiency is threatening Ray’s windfall. Meanwhile, his illicitly obtained user-name, "Lapsis Beeftech", seems to have his fellow cablers’ hackles up for some mysterious reason.

Employing sophisticated world building and remarkable attention to retro-futurist detail, Noah Hutton’s social science-fiction explores the perils of the gig economy in a parallel present practically indistinguishable from our own. As Ray realizes that his labour will ultimately only benefit the fortunate few, he must determine whether he’s content to be an exploited pawn in a rigged game or is willing to risk insurgency. In turn, Hutton’s masterful cautionary tale leaves us to speculate whether our own society has already passed the point of no return.

"Cult status is assured." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

Jury’s Choice Award, Bucheon Fantastic 20


Includes an interview with Director: Noah Hutton

Director Icon Director
Noah Hutton

Dean Imperial, Madeline Wise, Babe Howard, Dora Madison, Ivory Aquino, James McDaniel
Executive Producer Alexandra Winter, Richard Winter
Producer Jesse Miller, Joseph Varca, Taylor Hess
Screenwriter Noah Hutton
Cinematographer Mike Gomes
Editor Noah Hutton
Production Design Alexander Linde
Music Noah Hutton
Source Film Movement
USA 2020 108 min. English Director's website | Trailer | Review | Interview
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Noah Hutton (writer, director, composer, editor) directed the award-winning documentary features Deep Time (VIFF 2015), and Crude Independence (SXSW 2009). In 2015 he created Brain City, a multi-platform installation in Times Square commissioned by the Times Square Arts Alliance that brought visuals from six leading neuroscience labs to some of the largest outdoor displays in the world. His upcoming documentary In Silico is a critical look at a decade of neuroscience.

Crude Independence (2009); Deep Time (2015)