This is truly what you would call a find. Marrying home movies shot by her grandfather in tourist spots around the world in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, with a fictional diary attributed to one "Vivian Barrett", wife to a former WWII pilot, filmmaker Nuria Giménez has created a portal to the dawn of global travel, when the world seemed fresh and new and people impossibly beautiful and glamorous.

Giménez discovered the perfectly preserved, colour-saturated home movies in her grandfather’s basement, then wrote Vivian’s journal around the images, detailing the thoughts and feelings of a cosmopolitan, affluent woman, a wife whose seemingly privileged lifestyle is belied by fears, misgivings, and secret desires… For this is also a tale of the fall, of gaps, false promises, deceptions, betrayals, and of death. En route, we visit mid century Havana, Hawaii, Mont Saint-Michel, Spain, San Francisco, Italy, Great Britain, and a half dozen other locations, all rendered shimmeringly beautiful, making this one of the most dazzling films in this year’s festival, a paean to the power of cinema to create multiple worlds.

Found Footage Award, Rotterdam 20


Includes an interview with Director: Nuria Giménez

Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Nuria Giménez
Screenwriter Nuria Giménez
Cinematographer Frank A. Lorang
Editor Cristóbal Fernández, Nuria Giménez
Production Company Bretzel & Tequila Production
Spain 2019 74 min. Spanish with English subtitles Official Website | Trailer | Review


Please note that VIFF 2020 online films can be viewed in British Columbia only.

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Nuria Giménez was born in Barcelona in 1976. She studied Journalism, International Relations and Documentary Filmmaking. In the last decade, she has learned by attending seminars and master classes by filmmakers she admires: Isaki Lacuesta, Andrés Duque, Virginia García del Pino, Sergei Dvortsevoy, Patricio Guzmán, Wang Bing, Mark Isaacs, Stephen Frears and Frederick Wiseman. Her first short film, Kafeneio, was presented at DocumentaMadrid 2017 and MIDBO 2017. My Mexican Bretzel is her first feature film.