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Super Frenchie Image

"Three, two, one - see ya." So says the barrier-smashing, death-defying "ski-baser" Matthias Giraud before sliding from the heights in Chase Ogden’s jaw-dropping film. Giraud is a man driven to find the most forbidding mountain peaks, ski off the edge and parachute to the ground. Sound crazy? Wait until you see it - not only in serene, distant helicopter views, but also GoPro body-camera footage.

Super Frenchie is chock-full of thrilling alpine feats, but it’s also a compelling look at the psychology of a man willing to risk death again and again. Interviews with Giraud, his parents, his compatriots, and his mercifully understanding wife shed light on what makes him tick, and things get pretty poignant when the birth of a son coincides with an event that drives him to question his life’s passion. Characterized as a "philosopher" by his father, Giraud is prone to fairly articulate commentary, but also to adjectives like "stoked," "sick," and "gnarly" - words that seem entirely appropriate in context.


Includes an interview with Director: Chase Ogden, Subject: Matthias Giraud

Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Chase Ogden

Matthias Giraud
Producer Andy McDonough, Kiah S. Jones, Jason Reid, Chase Ogden
Editor Chase Ogden
Music Jonathan Haidle, Dale Jones, Brad Laina
Production Company Roped In Productions
Source Roped In Productions
USA 2019 80 min. English, French with English subtitles Official Website | Trailer | Review
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Ogden, Chase headshot


Chase Ogden is a multi-award winning filmmaker and Associate Professor of Film at Eastern Washington University. Working primarily on documentary and post production, his client list includes Microsoft, Cisco, General Electric, the FDA, the National Park Service, and Mammoth Mountain. In 2006 he co-created a television show, Outdoor Storytellers for the ABC affiliate station in Spokane, WA. Super Frenchie marks Ogden’s feature length directorial debut.

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