Nuxalk Radio

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A day in the life of 91.1, Nuxalk Radio, a radio station built to help keep the Nuxalkmc language alive while broadcasting the laws of the lands and waters.

Screens in program VIFF Short Forum: Programme 3


Includes an interview with Producer: Jessica Hallenbeck

Director Icon Director
Banchi Hanuse

Anuximana Violet Tallio, Qwaxw Spencer Siwallace, Q'xta Rolland Mack, Nuhawhawta Sheldon Tallio, Snxakila Tallio
Producer Jessica Hallenbeck, Dave Rodden-Shortt
Screenwriter Banchi Hanuse
Cinematographer Louvens Remy
Editor Jason Schneider
Music Nuxalk Youth - N'we Jinan
Production Company Lantern Films
Source Lantern Films
Canada 2019 4 min. English, Nuxalk with English subtitles Review


Please note that VIFF 2020 online films can be viewed in British Columbia only.

Hanuse, Banchi headshot


Slts’lani (Banchi Hanuse) is the founder and station manager of Nuxalk Radio, a small-transmitter CRTC-license-exempt Native radio station launched on the summer solstice 2014, inspired during the 2012 Idle No More resistance movement. Her directorial debut Cry Rock (2010) won several awards following its premiere at National Geographic’s All Roads Film Festival including the Golden Sheaf Award for Best Documentary Short at Yorkton Film Festival.

Cry Rock (2010)