Honest, heartfelt, moving, and funny, Frelle Petersen’s portrait of a young woman on the cusp of change is humanist filmmaking at its finest. With both parents long dead, Kris (Jette Søndergaard) works the family farm while caring for her infirm (and never named) uncle (Peter H. Tygesen, Søndergaard’s real-life uncle, and the owner of the farm shown in the film). She’s 27, single, and, despite her devotion to her crusty relative, longing for… something. Enter Mike (Tue Frisk Petersen), a young neighbouring farmer who is more adept at articulating his dreams. Accepting his offer of a lunch date - one of the film’s comic highlights takes place when "uncle" tags along - she begins to see that life might indeed offer more possibilities…

Petersen wrote the role of Kris specifically for veterinarian-turned-actor Søndergaard, and she is a marvelous presence, able to convey thought and emotion, determination and longing, without resorting to dialogue, which, in a film that relies on the visual more than it does the written word, works wonderfully well.

"Moments of bliss… abound in this beautifully lensed (by Petersen himself) and quite exquisite slice of humanity." - Jan Lumholdt, Cineuropa

Grand Prix, Tokyo 20

North American premiere
Director Icon Director
Frelle Petersen

Jette Søndergaard, Peter Hansen Tygesen, Ole Caspersen, Tue Frisk Petersen
Producer Marco Lorenzen
Screenwriter Frelle Petersen
Cinematographer Frelle Petersen
Editor Frelle Petersen
Music Flemming Berg
Production Company 88miles
Source Alpha Violet
Denmark 2019 105 min. Danish with English subtitles Official Website | Trailer


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Uncle is self-taught writer/director (also DoP and editor) Frelle Petersen’s second feature after the critically acclaimed Where Have All the Good Men Gone (2016). Born 1980 in Southern Jutland Denmark, Frelle knew he wanted to be a director as a teenager and experimented from an early age with his father’s camcorder. In his award-winning shorts As You Were (2011), Going Nowhere (2010) and Mommy (2012) he developed a character-driven, comedic style also in display in his features.

Where Have All the Good Men Gone (2016)