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My Donkey, My Lover and I Image

My Donkey, My Lover & I

Antoinette dans les Cévennes

Contemporary World Cinema | Panorama

"I" is Antoinette (Laure Calamy), an elementary school teacher, passionately involved with the (married) father of one of her students… When her lover cancels their plans for a romantic tryst to vacation with his wife on a multi-day hike in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson’s pioneering memoir Travels With a Donkey in the Cevennes, Antoinette makes a rash decision: she will make her own way to the mountains and surprise him on the trail. What could possibly go wrong?

This scenic comedy gets a big lift from Laure Calamy’s willingness to throw herself into pratfalls, humiliation and endless setbacks while retaining an optimistic outlook, not to mention her testy comic rapport with her willful traveling companion, Patrick the donkey. He may be the epitome of a pain in the ass, but Patrick also has valuable learnings to impart on independence, loyalty, when to stay put and when to move on. An official selection for Cannes 2020, Caroline Vignal’s delightful movie is a breath of fresh air, blending life lessons, romance, insight and scenery.

Director Icon Director
Caroline Vignal

Laure Calamy, Benjamin Lavernhe, Olivia Côte
Producer Laetitia Galitzine, Aurélie Trouvé-Rouvière
Screenwriter Caroline Vignal
Cinematographer Simon Beaufils
Editor Annette Dutertre
Production Design Valérie Saradjian
Music Matei Bratescot
Production Company Chapka Films, La Filmerie
Source Axia Films Inc.
France 2020 95 min. French with English subtitles
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