Marcel Duchamp: The Art of the Possible

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What makes a work of art "art"? Before other artists were even considering this question, Marcel Duchamp made it the bedrock of his practice. Born in the late 1800s in a small town in Normandy, Duchamp would go on to almost single-handedly revolutionize the art world and become the father of modern conceptual art. His fascination with the "fourth dimension" and developments in science, technology and mathematics influenced early experimentation with form and abstraction, producing striking works that were initially shunned and misunderstood by the mainstream, but later incorporated into pioneering movements like Cubism, Dadaism and abstract expressionism.

The Art of the Possible is a mesmerising account of Duchamp’s life and work, showing how his radical rejection of 19th century ideals paved the way for innovation in dance, literature, music and the visual arts. An impressive array of experts and researchers bring Duchamp’s legacy to the fore, as archival footage reveals a charismatic – at times cheeky – visionary who was light years ahead of his time.

Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Matthew Taylor

Jeff Koons, Joseph Kosuth, Edward Ruscha, Marina Abramovic, Larry Bell, Carolee Schneeman, Michel Gondry
Producer Michelle Taylor, Alan Bennett
Screenwriter Matthew Taylor
Cinematographer Matthew Taylor
Editor Matthew Taylor
Music Jay Smith
Production Company Electrolift Creative
Source Electrolift Creative
USA 2019 90 min. English, French with English subtitles Official Website | Trailer
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Matthew Taylor is an artist and technologist who works in film, sculpture, and photography. Taylor has filmed in 25 countries and conducted interviews with a range of world leaders. Taylor possesses a filmmaking skill set that ranges across every aspect of film production from director of photography to editor. He enjoys being “hands on” in all production projects and will pick up the camera himself to get certain shots.