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Yellow Sunglasses Image

Yellow Sunglasses

Gafas amarillas

Contemporary World Cinema | Panorama

It’s one thing to capture the complex dynamics of polyamory (Jules and Jim), the longueurs of a protracted adolescence (Frances Ha), or the travails of a disaffected working life. It’s quite another to pull off all of these things at once.

This is the considerable achievement of Yellow Sunglasses, the quirky and radiant new feature by Ecuadorian filmmaker Iván Mora Manzano. Julia (Paloma Pierini) is a 30-year-old philologist and writer in Quito, who feels stalled after a bad breakup. Done feeling sorry for herself, she takes fate into her own hands and almost immediately happens upon Dario (Enzo Macchiavello), a waiter and poet who will eventually lead her to Ignacio (Alejandro Fajardo), an aspiring actor. With this ménage à trois in motion, Julia remains staunchly independent. Her story interweaves a variety of other experiences: her time writing, workshopping her material, and working mediocre jobs is given as much attention as her romantic endeavours. This is Julia’s narrative, her sentimental education, and no one is going to define it but her.


Includes an interview with Director: Iván Mora Manzano, Actor: Paloma Pierini

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Iván Mora Manzano

Paloma Pierini, Alejandro Fajardo, Enzo Macchiavello, Manuela Boh, Gabriela Schrader Giese, José Maldonado
Producer Isabel Carrasco
Screenwriter Iván Mora Manzano, Isabel Carrasco
Cinematographer Olivier Auverlau
Editor Joana Collier
Art Director Belén Draghi
Production Company La República Invisible, Tóxica Films, Persona Non Grata Pictures
Source La República Invisible
Ecuador/Brazil 2020 98 min. Spanish with English subtitles Official Website
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Manzano, Ivan Mora headshot


Iván Mora Manzano is a filmmaker and a musician. His first fiction feature was Sin Otoño, Sin Primavera (2012). In 2012 he directed the TV documentary: La Bisabuela tiene Alzheimer (2012). He is currently engaged in another documentary project, La Playa de los Enchaquirados. Gafas amarillas (Yellow Sunglasses) is his second fiction feature film.

Sin Otoño, Sin Primavera (2012)

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