Keyboard Fantasies: An Evening with Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Oct. 1 at 5:30 PM PDT


This one-off virtual VIFF LIVE event is also a worldwide exclusive: right after our one-time-only screening of Keyboard Fantasies, director Posy Dixon will join Canadian composer Beverly Glenn-Copeland for a short conversation which will be followed by an intimate 30-minute performance.

One of the first queer Black classical music students to attend McGill University, Glenn initially made music in relative obscurity. Now a transgender practicing Buddhist, he’s enjoying a late-career renaissance stemming from the rediscovery of his self-released, Atari-generated album Keyboard Fantasies (1986). A younger audience has found and embraced Glenn’s trailblazing fusion of electronic, folk, and classical, and after three decades, he’s earned cult status among the elite of contemporary electronic music. In every frame of Dixon’s bright and generous portrait, there’s a gentle and introspective wisdom that amplifies Glenn’s deep reciprocity with both his audience and his fellow musicians.

Coinciding with the September 25 release of Glenn’s new album, Transmissions: The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland, this unique event marks the only time Dixon’s film will be accompanied by a performance.

Running Time:130 mins

Session Participants

Born into a very musical family, Glenn went on to study classical music at McGill, and then, after a few years of singing the European song repertoire, suddenly felt called to write music that would weave together all the different musical cultures he had come to love. Since then, Glenn has recorded six albums of his songs and written music for film, as well as four musicals for children. He also had the opportunity to spend 25 years entertaining kids as an actor on the Mr. Dress-Up Show.
Keyboard Fantasies: An Evening with Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Posy worked as a producer and director at Vice London and as an executive producer at music video production company Colonel Blimp before co-founding the documentary and audio-visual production company Luca in 2014. She has made films for media companies such as Channel 4, BBC Worldwide, Vogue, and Wired, as well as for commercial clients. An obsession with a cult record led her to her feature debut Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story.

Keyboard Fantasies: An Evening with Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Ken is the director of Live Programming at the Vancouver International Film Festival. His role is to expand the experience of screen-based storytelling through conversations and celebrations, enlivening the experience of cinema at VIFF for creators and cinephiles alike.

Keyboard Fantasies: An Evening with Beverly Glenn-Copeland