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My Voice Will Be With You Image

My Voice Will Be With You

Ma voix t'accompagnera

Insights | Impact

This captivating film documents a new frontier in Western medicine: hypnosis as anesthesia. Director Bruno Tracq focuses on Belgian doctors Christine Watremez and Fabienne Roelants, who harness the power of imagination to take surgery patients beyond the operating room and away from the pain they would otherwise feel. Standing over their subjects, massaging their temples and speaking softly to them, the doctors calm their fears and guide them to a state of tranquility.

The practice is offered only to those who elect for it. Tracq shows the doctors explaining the technique to patients, to medical students and directly to the camera, and their confidence is vindicated again and again, as we see an epidural, a C-section and even minor heart surgery go smoothly and painlessly. Watching Watremez and Roelants in action, viewers may find themselves sharing with the patients a sense of peace and transcendence, and Tracq complements the surgery scenes with lush, lyrical imagery: beaches, forests, deserts and more. These are the places patients are guided to, and it’s a pleasure to accompany them.

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Bruno Tracq
Producer Benoît Roland, François Ladsous
Screenwriter Bruno Tracq
Cinematographer Tristan Galand
Editor Bruno Tracq
Music Loup Mormont
Production Company Wrong Men, Supermouche Prod
Source Punctum Sales
Belgium/France 2020 86 min. French with English subtitles Official Website | Trailer


Please note that VIFF 2020 online films can be viewed in British Columbia only.

Tracq, Bruno headshot


Bruno Tracq works in Brussels and Paris as a director, writer, editor and dramaturge. He directed two medium-length fiction films, Walking Ghost Phase and Betelgeuse (shot in the USA with Lubna Azabal) prior to My Voice Will Be With You. As an editor, he cut Jaco van Dormael’s Mister Nobody, as well as numerous commercials, art films and music videos. He regularly collaborates as a dramaturge and video designer for shows and plays with Selma Alaoui.

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