Into the Storm

En la tormenta

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Shot over five years, Into the Storm chronicles a scrappy Peruvian teenager who taught himself to surf with a broken board he found on the beach, and earns a spot at former World Champion Sofía Mulánovich’s surfing school. Reminiscent of Hoop Dreams, Into the Storm navigates the trials and struggles of Jhonny Guerrero as he hopes to lift himself and his family out of poverty by becoming a professional surfer.

With his father in prison, and his cousin Martin already sucked into a life of crime at 14, Jhonny sees surfing as a chance to escape a similar fate but struggles with the pressures to succeed, compounded by the guilt of leaving his old life behind. Occasionally, his tough guy facade cracks open; his doubts and inner turmoil mirror the violent world he faces. The turbulent waves - the footage is stunning - are both his source of joy and a crucible where his future is decided. Into the Storm is an inspirational, empowering coming of age story.

Grand Chameleon Award, Best Documentary Award, Audience Award, Brooklyn 20


Includes an interview with Director: Adam Brown

Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Adam Brown

Sofía Mulánovich
Executive Producer Mandy Chang, Hayley Reynolds, Madeleine Sanderson, Duncan Western
Producer Adam Brown, Dimitri Doganis
Cinematographer Adam Brown
Editor Paul Holland
Music Adam Schiff
Production Company RAW, BBC Storyville
UK/Peru 2020 84 min. Spanish, English with English subtitles Trailer


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Adam Brown is a British filmmaker with a passion for sharing inspiring, character-driven stories. Into the Storm (En la tormenta) is his first feature length documentary. Adam studied and practiced as a designer before following his love for photography into the camera department, where he worked as a DP for commercials and documentary. This fascination with the visual elements continued to inform his work as he transitioned to full-time producing and directing.