A New Leash on Life

Short Forum | BC Spotlight | True North

After one too many rage-filled outbursts, a magical talking dog named Basketball must talk his owner, Frank, out of having him put down.

Screens in program VIFF Short Forum: Programme 3


Includes an interview with Director: Daniel Jeffery

Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Daniel Jeffery

Fred Ewanuick, Brendan Taylor, Nancy Robertson, Jamie Taylor, Dylan Rose Marshall
Producer Zack Hamm
Screenwriter Mackenzie Warner
Cinematographer William Minsky
Editor Daniel Jeffery
Production Design Rowan Landaiche
Music Mackenzie Warner
Production Company Friendship Now! Productions
Source Daniel Jeffery
Canada 2020 12 min. English Trailer


Please note that VIFF 2020 online films can be viewed in British Columbia only.

Jeffery, Daniel headshot


Daniel Jeffery is a creator of comedy and documentary short films, covering subjects like adult circumcision, nerd friendship and the real-life underground sport of hedge jumping. Since graduating SFU Film in 2014, he has worked professionally in Vancouver as an editor, actor and a filmmaker for Lush North America. His editing work has received two Leo Award nominations and has screened at TIFF, VIFF, Hot Docs, DOXA, CBC, Crazy 8s, TELUS Storyhive and IGN.