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Merkel - Anatomy of a Crisis Image

Merkel - Anatomy of a Crisis

Die Getriebenen

Contemporary World Cinema | Panorama

This high-stakes real-life political thriller takes us into the heart of a momentous decision that forever changed the course of European politics. Based on Robin Alexander’s 2017 bestseller The Driven Ones, Stephan Wagner’s movie follows German Chancellor Angela Merkel (played by Imogen Kogge) for 60 days as she weighs whether or not to keep the borders open and allow in thousands of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

Initially Merkel seems to be ten steps ahead of everyone. But as opposition mounts, cracks begin to show and sharp social divisions force her to confront her own shortcomings and address issues she’s been sweeping under the rug.

Fast-cut and intense, this gripping retelling of events takes us behind the scenes as Merkel weighs humanitarian and political imperatives. Wagner’s take on Merkel’s handling of the crisis reveals a never-before-seen side to the stoic political strategist and allows us to reflect on the true nature of leadership; it’s perfectly timed on the eve of her departure from the political stage in 2021.


Includes an interview with Director: Stephan Wagner

Director Icon Director
Stephan Wagner

Imogen Kogge, Josef Bierbichler, Wolfgang Pregler, Tristan Seith, Timo Dierkes
Producer Alexander van Dülmen, Stephan Wagner
Screenwriter Florian Oeller
Cinematographer Thomas Benesch
Editor Gunnar Wanne-Eickel
Production Company carte blanche International
Source Bavaria Media GmbH
Germany 2020 118 min. German, English, Hungarian with English subtitles Interview | Article | Article


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