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Still Into You Image

Still Into You

Lauluja Rakkaudesta

Insights | Impact

How do deep relationships evolve as we transition into old age? This is the question explored by director Anu Kuivalainen in this tender, moving, and refreshingly direct documentary on aging, love, and loss, whose formal consistency and sweetness of tone serve as the perfect tonic for these dismal times.

Five different couples bare their souls—and their bodies—to paint a picture of old age and of love in all its different forms, including, among others, new lovebirds who find they have karaoke and sex in common, a widow in the process of rebuilding her life after the death of her husband, a gay couple whose love just seems to grow deeper with the passing years, and a woman who finds it a struggle to keep up a relationship with a man 20 years her junior.

Cinematic style and musical elements are threaded throughout this intimate and funny portrait, making it a bold yet delicate and respectful look at what lies ahead for many of us.


With: Old Dog

Director: Ann Marie Fleming / Canada, 2020, 3 min.

North American premiere
Director Icon Director
Anu Kuivalainen
Producer Marianne Mäkelä
Screenwriter Anu Kuivalainen
Cinematographer Saija Mäki-Nevala
Editor Mervi Junkkonen
Music Janne Laine
Production Company Bonsaifilms Oy
Source Raina Films Distribution
Finland 2020 70 min. Finnish with English subtitles Trailer


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Kuivalainen, Anu headshot


Anu Kuivalainen began working as documentary filmmaker in the early 1990s. Her previous films include Into the Forest I Go (2017), Aranda (2011) and A Black Cat on the Snow (1991).

Selected Filmography
A Black Cat on the Snow (1991); Prison and Paradise (2002); Aranda (2011); Into the Forest I Go (2017)

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