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Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President Image

Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President

Music/Art/Design | M/A/D

When the USA hit rock bottom in the mid 1970s after years of war, scandal, and corruption, the nation turned to a Georgia peanut farmer. Jimmy Carter was a Democrat, a devout Christian, a man of impeccable integrity who believed passionately in racial equality. He was also a music fan. June Carter Cash claimed to be a cousin; Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan would become firm friends, and without the support of the Allman Brothers his campaign may never have gotten off the ground.

Mary Wharton’s film is a much-needed reminder that power does not always corrupt, decency may prevail, and music can bridge generational, economic and racial divides. Seemingly tireless even in his nineties, the former President speaks knowledgeably about gospel, jazz, and rock ’n’ roll, while Garth Brooks, Bono, Rosanne Cash, Gregg Allman and Dylan suggest the admiration is mutual. Featuring rare archival performances from Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Dizzy Gillespie et al, this is undoubtedly a nostalgic treat for Boomers. And for younger viewers, it offers a fascinating glimpse of a very different era in the American experiment.

Media Partner
Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Mary Wharton

Jimmy Carter, Madeleine Albright, Gregg Allman, Bono, Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffett, Rosanne Cash, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon
Executive Producer Dan Braun, Mary Wharton, Peter David Conlon, David Crawford
Producer Dave Kirkpatrick, Chris Farrell
Screenwriter Bill Flanagan
Cinematographer James Fideler
Editor Mari Keiko Gonzalez
Music Bradley Cole Smith, Bill Wharton
Production Company Not Just Peanuts LLC, Thunder Moccasin Pictures
Source Films We Like
USA 2020 96 min. English Article | Article


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