I Am Not a Hero

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As the world attempts to grapple with the strange new reality precipitated by COVID-19, essential workers are risking their lives daily. This guerilla documentary, shot in Brussels Erasmus University Hospital during the first few months of the lockdown, tells their story. Facing the rapid influx of patients in hospitals, doctors and nurses feel overwhelmed, but rise to the occasion. Even as the healthcare workers become exasperated by crackpot conspiracy theories, inadequate government funding and fears for their own safety, their work ethic and devotion to their patients never wavers.

This is a vital, humanistic film, made in the midst of a crisis to showcase the ways in which people care for each other and come together in times of need. There are no frills here, just acute and tender observation, sensitivity and empathy towards medical workers and their patients, and an abiding consolation: even if the pandemic has disrupted our way of life, and claimed too many lives, it cannot break the generosity and remarkable resilience of the human spirit.


Includes an interview with Director: Pablo Crutzen

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Pablo Crutzen, Robin Smit, Stijn Deconinck
Executive Producer Joan Condijts
Producer François Verbeeren, Thomas Bricmont
Screenwriter Stijn Deconinck
Editor Stijn Deconinck
Music Raf Keunens
Production Company Maïs Gaté Production, LN24
Source Maïs Gaté Production Sprl
Belgium 2020 73 min. French with English subtitles Trailer


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Crutzen Diaz, Pablo headshot

Director – Pablo Crutzen Diaz

Pablo Crutzen Diaz is a Belgian-Spanish videomaker and photographer. He started his career directing the music video Carnavalera for the Columbian band Bomba Estereo and some aftermovies for Arcade Fire. His main aim is to shed light on authentic stories depicting real emotions collected through close encounters with people.

Smit, Robin headshot

Director – Robin Smit

Robin Smit is a Belgian videomaker and drone pilot. His versatile profile has pushed him to work on diverse projects. Whether it be flying his drone for music videoclips or taking the camera on his shoulder for longer documentaries, his interest in people’s emotional stories takes him on new challenges.

Deconinck, Stijn headshot

Director – Stijn Deconinck

Cutting both fiction as well as documentary, Belgian based editor Stijn Deconinck is mostly known for his work on award winning documentaries The Land of the Enlightened (Sundance), Immortal (Karlovy Vary) and When Arabs Danced (Visions du Réel). Holding degrees in film editing and journalism, he is an experienced storyteller with a strong focus on visual stories with creative narratives that challenge audiences.