The Magnitude of All Things

True North | BC Spotlight

Jennifer Abbott (co-director of both The Corporation and The New Corporation) returns with a game-changing rumination on acceptance and the psychology underpinning our existential climate crisis. Weaving correlations between our collective environmental paralysis and her sister’s journey with terminal illness, Abbott extends a generous form of film-therapy - an invitation to embrace the inevitability of death in the spirit of sisterly love.

Stunning images from the depths of the Amazon to the tip of the Arctic punch home the immensity of what is at stake. As Australia battles extreme fires and the Republic of Kiribati braces its shores, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the defeatist knowledge that this island nation will vanish within our lifetime and those fires will only intensify. Hope is typically the lifeline one would seek in dire times, yet Abbott mounts a strong case for the contrary –the answer may rest in a darker, more profound place, where all hope is exhausted. Amidst global upheaval, The Magnitude of All Things unleashes a visceral catharsis that provides a roadmap toward climate action.


Includes an interview with Director: Jennifer Abbott

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Jennifer Abbott
Producer Andrew Williamson, Henrik Meyer, Jennifer Abbott, Shirley Vercruysse
Screenwriter Jennifer Abbott
Cinematographer Vince Arvidson
Editor Jennifer Abbott
Production Company Cedar Island Films, Flying Eye Productions, The National Film Board of Canada
Source National Film Board of Canada
Canada 2020 100 min. English, Spanish, Kichwa with English subtitles
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Jennifer Abbott is a Sundance and Genie award-winning filmmaker who has been making films about urgent social, political and environmental issues for 25 years. She is best known as the co-director and editor of The Corporation. She also co-directed, co-wrote and edited Us & Them; and co-wrote and edited Sea Blind, among other films. VIFF is presenting both Abbott’s two new feature docs: The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel and The Magnitude of All Things.

Photo: ©Stasia Garraway

Selected Filmography
The Corporation (2003); Us & Them (2015)