Tales of the Lockdown

Relatos confinados

Contemporary World Cinema | Panorama

Reminiscent of 2014 hit Wild Tales, this omnibus package features five lockdown stories - directed by five leading Spanish filmmakers under quarantine conditions - that are by turns funny, tongue-in-cheek morbid, romantic, grisly, visually inventive, and highly entertaining. The frequent plot twists are delicious, but there will be no spoilers here…

Story one has a woman visiting the shy male neighbour she "felt a connection with" during the nightly balcony applause sessions. She has something to sell - and he has something to hide… Tale two sees a grizzled yet sophisticated hitman schooling, via Zoom, a pizza-munching, callow idiot in the ways of assassination. Romance (or is it just sex?) plays out in episode three. Scenario four has actor Sara Sálamo and her real-life husband, Real Madrid footballer Isco Alarcón, rehearsing for an audition tape she must record amidst confinement chaos. A savage satire suggesting that the rich will come out of the pandemic just fine caps this worthy tribute to working with limited means and refusing to give up in the face of COVID-19.

North American premiere
Director Icon Director
Fernando Colomo, Álvaro Fernández-Armero, David Marqués, Miguel Bardem, Juan Diego Botto

Carlos Bardem, Alvaro Rico, Manuela Velasco, Rafa Castejón, Alberto Ammann, Clara Méndez-Leite, Luis Tosar, Luisa Mayol
Executive Producer Alvaro Longoria, Cecilia Gessa
Producer Alvaro Longoria, Cecilia Gessa, Anna Saura
Screenwriter Clara Sánchez Arévalo, Álvaro Fernández-Armero, David Marqués, Rafa Calatayud, Carolina Román, Mario Parra, Juan Diego Botto
Cinematographer Eva Díaz, Ángel Iguacel, Almudena Sánchez, Rafa Roche, Javier Bermejo, Juan Luis Cabellos
Editor Nacho Ruíz-Capillas, Ana Álvarez, Ana Álvarez-Ossorio, Alejandro Lázaro, Antonion Frutos
Music Alfonso G. Aguilar, Fernando Furones, Vanessa Garde
Source Latido Films
Spain 2020 90 min. Spanish with English subtitles


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