Country of Origin: Various
63 min.

The natural world collides with historical memories and perceptions of truth. These artists invite us to consider new ways to relate to what we can and cannot see.


Includes an interview with Directors: Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner, Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukács

All, or Nothing at All THUMBNAIL

All, or Nothing at All

Director: Persijn Broersen, Margit Lukács / Denmark/Netherlands, 2019, 8 min.

A digital diorama of the Viking city of Viborg, Denmark, sets the stage for a mesmerizing motion-capture dance, inspired by choreography from West Side Story. Contemplating memory and exploring the hybridity of image and sound, grafted avatars perform an ethereal interpretation of the eponymous American tune, famously sung by Frank Sinatra. more...

(e)scape goat THUMBNAIL

(e)scape goat

Director: Sid Iandovka / Switzerland/USA, 2020, 7 min.

Redefining new possibilities of thinking, layered images are presented as sensory information out of context and untethered to what is familiar and predictable, allowing the work to create itself. (e)scape goat is a gripping assertion of image presented without pretense. more...

In Times of Deception THUMBNAIL

In Times of Deception

Director: Michael Heindl / Colombia/Bolivia/Chile/Peru, 2019, 6 min.

Trivial objects which we rely on daily are wittingly repurposed to interact with wild and stray animals. Can we trust these objects or, as with the confused animals, are they distracting us from a deeper truth about ourselves? Would we even know we are being deceived by these things? more...

Becoming Alluvium THUMBNAIL

Becoming Alluvium

Director: Thao Nguyen Phan / Vietnam/Spain, 2019, 17 min.

Elements of Khmer folk tales, local lore, and stories of reincarnation are assembled with animated watercolour paintings and documented images to distill testimonies of what is lost in our constant search for happiness. The remainder is a kind of poetic sediment, the alluvium. Set shortly after the collapse of a dam which killed two young boys, Becoming Alluvium drifts through the mesh between real and imaginary, an allegorical ode contemplating the glory and tragedy of the Mekong river. more...

A Demonstration THUMBNAIL

A Demonstration

Director: Sasha Litvintseva, Beny Wagner / Netherlands/Germany/UK, 2020, 25 min.

Reinterpreting the categorical way European science once saw the natural world, and inspired by the existence of the taxonomy of monsters, frequent collaborators Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner contemplate and explore the boundaries of what we can see. A Demonstration is a haunting monster film without the monsters. more...


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