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The Restoration Image

The Restoration

La Restauración

Contemporary World Cinema | Panorama

His idle and hedonistic lifestyle barely sustained by his aristocratic family’s depleted wealth, and with a long line of creditors waiting, 51-year-old divorcé Tato (Paul Vega) does the only thing one can in such trying times: he hatches a plan to fake his mother’s death, sell the house to a developer without her knowledge, and put her in a perfect replica of her bedroom in the middle of nowhere until the end of her days. But things don’t go entirely smoothly: the replica turns out less-than-perfect, and a more ethical but less lucrative counteroffer by a heritage restoration group begins to tug at his conscience.

Writer-director Alonso Llosa uses this epic caper as a grinning satire on the housing market’s biggest (and least deserving) beneficiaries, and adds a dash of somber reflection on the social cost of get-mega-rich-quick corporate scheming and the price of redemption, making The Restoration a giddy piece of so-crazy-it-has-to-work entertainment with a touching understanding of its time and place.

"For a light comedy, La Restauración is as grounded as you can get." Alan Ng, Film Threat


Includes an interview with Director: Alonso Llosa

Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Alonso Llosa

Paul Vega, Delfina Paredes, Attilia Boschetti, Pietro Sibille, Fernando Añanos, Muki Sabogal, Malili Dib
Executive Producer Gill Holland, Malili Dib
Producer Gustavo Rosa, Carolina Denegri
Screenwriter Alonso Llosa
Cinematographer Sean Webley
Production Design Renzo Bazán
Music Katya Mihailova
Production Company Infiernillo Films, Knight Shamrock Pictures
Source Alonso Llosa
Peru 2020 93 min. Spanish with English subtitles


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Llosa, Alonso headshot


Screenwriter and director Alonso Llosa was born and raised in Lima, Peru. For years, he made his living as a film editor in Los Angeles, working simultaneously on high-profile feature films (Resident Evil Extinction) and documentaries. His MFA thesis film, Living Legend, played numerous festivals, won multiple awards and was licensed by HBO. Alonso holds degrees from UCLA and Columbia University.

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