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VIFF Short Forum: Programme 2 Image

VIFF Short Forum: Programme 2

Short Forum | ALT
Country of Origin: Canada
100 min.

Programme 2 imbeds us in the fraught drama of various volatile situations, be it a street riot, a formative sexual encounter or a manic depressive episode. Featured shorts: Canucks Riot II (dir. Lewis Bennett) + Even in the Silence (dir. Jonathan Elliott) + Laura (dir. : KAAYLA WHACHELL) + Parlour Palm (dir. Rebeccah Love) + Spring Tide (dir. Jean Parsons) + Toward You (dir. Meysam Motazedi) + ZOO (dir. Will Niava)


Includes an interview with Directors: Lewis Bennett (Canucks Riot II), Rebeccah Love (Parlour Palm), Meysam Motazedi (Toward You), Will Niava (ZOO), Jean Parsons (Spring Tide), Kaayla Whachell (Laura)

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Canucks Riot II

Director: Lewis Bennett / BC, 2020, 9 min.

The chaos on the streets of Vancouver that unfolded in the wake of the Canucks’ loss in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals is revisited from dozens of perspectives. more...

Even in the Silence THUMBNAIL

Even in the Silence

Director: Jonathan Elliott / ON, 2019, 4 min.

Rachel, a young Mohawk woman, struggles with the aftermath of a terrible drunk-driving incident, forcing her to confront her trauma and mistakes in order to heal. more...



Director: Kaayla Whachell / BC, 2019, 14 min.

A young half-Indigenous woman consults with her lawyer about how to present her case. The experience leaves her questioning her identity and her place in society. more...

Parlour Palm THUMBNAIL

Parlour Palm

Director: Rebeccah Love / ON, 2020, 25 min.

An overworked lawyer attempts to care for his partner while she descends into a climate crisis inspired, anxiety fuelled manic episode. more...


Spring Tide

Director: Jean Parsons / BC, 2020, 21 min.

A teen woman is ready to experiment, but an older man’s demands burden her sexual awakening with complex realizations about her place in the world. more...


Toward You

Director: Meysam Motazedi / ON, 2019, 15 min.

A day in the life of a tenacious teenage girl as she pursues her dream of becoming a socially conscious slam poet, agitating her stiflingly traditional surroundings in the process. more...



Director: Will Niava / QC, 2019, 12 min.

A misunderstanding between three juveniles and a troubled man escalates to a point of no return. more...


Please note that VIFF 2020 online films can be viewed in British Columbia only.

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