Intersecting Voices

Short Forum | ALT
Country of Origin: Canada
81 min.

This showcase of short films by emerging Indigenous creators features diverse perspectives and bold approaches to storytelling. Whether it's a documentary portrait of a two-spirited aspiring comedian, an account of activists battling tirelessly to reclaim their rights, an artist locking horns with an angry spirit, or a raunchy retelling of a classic narrative, each of these films embraces tradition while demonstrating an individual sensibility.



Director: Nathan Adler, Howard Adler / ON, 2019, 10 min.

A short film on the subject of Indigenous Love. What is (romantic) love? And what does it mean to you? Eight couples share their thoughts. more...

My Mother My Rock THUMBNAIL

My Mother My Rock

Director: Kelly Roulette / BC, 2020, 11 min.

A daughter’s final promise to her dying mother comes true but the outcome is surprising and otherworldly. more...

This Bright Flash THUMBNAIL

This Bright Flash

Director: Rylan Friday / BC, 2019, 9 min.

World War III has just started. Adam, a gay man on the verge of divorce, must make it back to his soon to be ex-husband, Craig, to reconcile and evacuate before the hydrogen bomb reaches Seattle. more...

A Place to Belong THUMBNAIL

A Place to Belong

Director: Lyana Patrick, Rosemary Georgeson / BC, 2020, 4 min.

Today there are over 100 Aboriginal Friendship Centers across Canada. They provide essential services and a home away from home for many. A Place to Belong celebrates Christmas at the very first Friendship Center, located in East Vancouver, and reveals the story behind the Friendship Center movement. more...

ʔiiḥtuup (Whale) THUMBNAIL

ʔiiḥtuup (Whale)

Director: Tanner Zurkoski / BC, 2020, 19 min.

Brady reluctantly moves in with his grandparents after loosing his father who he lives with in the city. The young boy struggles to find his place in this new life. more...

Heli, Set Ŧte Sḱál Ƚte (Bringing our language back to life) THUMBNAIL

Heli, Set Ŧte Sḱál Ƚte (Bringing our language back to life)

Director: Renée Sampson / QC/BC, 2020, 5 min.

In the Wsanec territory, language revitalization efforts are underway. Through prayer and song, the youth demonstrates the importance of carrying on their language and culture in their community. more...

Coyote's Canoe THUMBNAIL

Coyote's Canoe

Director: Gloria Morgan / BC, 2020, 5 min.

Inspired by the land formation known as Coyote’s Canoe, which is located near Gloria’s home in Splatsin community, this visual story shares the legend of the coyote bringing salmon to the people of the Interior of British Columbia. more...

The Foundation: Indigenous Hip Hop in Canada THUMBNAIL

The Foundation: Indigenous Hip Hop in Canada

Director: Diana Hellson / BC, AB, MB, 2019, 10 min.

Artists such as Drezus, Ostwelve, Hellnback, Kinnie Starr and Snotty Nose Rez Kids explore the meaning of Indigenous Hip Hop and the connections between the music and their cultures. more...


XO Rad Magical

Director: Christopher Gilbert Grant / QC, 2020, 1 min.

A personal lyrical poem about the daily struggle of living with schizophrenia. This psychedelic and hypnotic film shows that there is beauty in the brains of those who are at war with themselves. more...

Uncle Tommy Goes Back THUMBNAIL

Uncle Tommy Goes Back

Director: Jamaine Campbell / BC, 2020, 7 min.

Working with friends and family, Kevin Cranmer carves a memorial pole in honour of his later father, Chief Daniel Ear Cranmer. The pole is erected before the former site of St. Michael’s Residential School. more...


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