A Void

Short Forum

While working as a caretaker at an old concert hall one summer, an anxiety-prone young woman invites an otherworldly presence into her life.

Screens in program VIFF Short Forum: Programme 6

Director Icon Director
Dominique van Olm

Daiva Zalnerius, Ish Majik, Shane Mclean, Becca Willow Moss
Producer Bryn Wiebe
Screenwriter Bryn Wiebe
Cinematographer Julia Hendrickson
Editor Dominique van Olm
Production Design Grace Eakins
Music Dillon Baldaserro
Contact Dominique van Olm
Canada 2020 16 min. Trailer


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Dominique van Olm is a Canadian filmmaker and photographer. Her work documents the often-complicated relationships people have with one another and themselves, exploring the human condition against the backdrop of the natural world. As an extension of her filmmaking, Dominique likes to photograph people and their relationships to space, whether in presence or absence.