The Six


The Titanic sank in 1912, leaving only 705 survivors. Among them were six Chinese men whose stories were forgotten until now. Unlike other survivors, they were denied entry to America due to the Chinese Exclusion Act, Lee Bing, Fang Lang, Chang Chip, Ling Hee, Ah Lam, and Chung Foo’s stories were lost to history. Director Arthur Jones leads his crew through years of fact-checking and meticulous research to uncover the untold lives of these men. The film shifts its focal point from the fascinating facts regarding their escape from the Titanic itself (James Cameron, an executive producer, admits they inspired the iconic rescue in his 1997 blockbuster), to the generational legacy of their families and lives built in its wake.

Masterfully intertwining the history of American immigration policy at the time of the Titanic to contemporary views on race and citizenship, The Six uncovers the sacrifices and discrimination these men suffered, finally granting them their rightful place in history.

North American premiere
Director Icon Director
Arthur Jones

Steven Schwankert, Grace Zhang, James Cameron, Paul Wade, Matthew Baren, David Lee
Executive Producer James Cameron
Producer Luo Tong
Screenwriter Arthur Jones
Cinematographer Thomas J. Gilbert
Animation Rockkyoung Lee
Editor Nate Wang, John Mister
Production Company LostPensivos Films
Contact LostPensivos Films
China 2020 107 min. In English, Mandarin and Cantonese with Chinese/English subtitles Trailer | Review | Article | Article | Official Website Rated PG - Violence
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Arthur Jones is a British filmmaker based in Shanghai, China. His work includes The Poseidon Project (2013) and A Farewell Song (2006), the latter of which was backed by Channel 4’s BRITDOC Foundation and won the Special Jury Prize for Documentaries at the Syracuse International Film Festival. He has also made commissioned films for the Special Olympics, the World Expo, and Shanghai Disneyland. Arthur also regularly directs for National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery. He was the China correspondent for Variety.

A Farewell Song (2006); The Poseidon Project (2013)