The Untouchable


Short Forum

Yassi is in the middle of a busy street, jumping in front of cars as she desperately searches for someone. The police try to contain the situation but only send things spiraling into further chaos.

Screens in program VIFF Short Forum: Programme 2

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Avazeh Shahnavaz

Nika Shahbazzadeh, Payam Ahmadinia, Abolfazl Abhar, Zohreh Bakhtiari, Hilda Kordbacheh
Producer Servat Ajami, Farid Ebrahimi, Avazeh Shahnavaz
Screenwriter Avazeh Shahnavaz
Cinematographer Salar Ardestani
Editor Ehsan Vaseghi
Music Ekwon Band - Amir Hossein Mohmmadi
Production Company Pink Elephant Production
Contact Les Films du 3 mars
Iran/Canada 2021 15 min. In Farsi and Persian with English subtitles Official Website


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Avazeh (Ava) Shahnavaz is an Iranian-Canadian filmmaker. Born in Tehran, Iran, she moved to Canada in 2007. Avazeh graduated in film production from Toronto Film School and received a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Psychology from the University of Waterloo. She started her career making documentaries about places and people, as well as producing advertising videos. Avazeh moved back to Iran in 2018 and has since started to make short films in her homeland, since Iran is her main source of inspiration.

Photo credit: © Raha Mohammadi