Twenty-one years after Alan Zweig’s groundbreaking first feature documentary Vinyl, Zweig returns to the topic of compulsive record collecting with newfound introspection and a sunnier disposition. Punctuated by his signature mirror-confessionals, Records compiles colourful interviews with vinyl enthusiasts, swirling around the proverbial maxim that music has the power to connect us all.

Whereas Vinyl parsed out the neurosis of Toronto’s most intrepid and eclectic LP-hoarders, Records affirms an updated, more balanced portrait of the culture. Echoes of earlier conversations on personal failures and the perils of obsessive behaviour come full circle, centering the capacity for personal growth and community passion this time around. When Pitchfork proclaimed Vinyl among its 20 essential music documentaries, Zweig himself had already stated that the film is not really about music. Is Records about music, you ask? Well, yes… kinda. It’s definitely about what’s beyond collecting music as well.

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Alan Zweig
Executive Producer Michael McMahon, Jane Jankovic
Producer Felicity Justrabo, Kevin McMahon, Michael McMahon
Screenwriter Alan Zweig
Cinematographer John Price
Editor Robert Swartz
Music Michael Zweig
Production Company Primitive Entertainment
Contact Primitive Entertainment Inc.
Canada 2021 87 min. Trailer Rated PG - Coarse Language
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Alan Zweig is a Toronto documentary filmmaker best known for creating intimate portraits of a wide range of subjects, from former police officers to self-declared curmudgeons (himself included). Zweig’s films have screened internationally and won top prizes at Hot Docs, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Canadian Screen Awards. Records is Zweig’s eleventh documentary and his twelfth feature-length film.

Selected Filmography
Vinyl (2000); I, Curmudgeon (2004); A Hard Name (2009); Hurt (2015)