Nalujuk Night

Short Forum

Every January 6th, the Inuit community of Nain, Labrador, awaits the Nalujuit, eerie figures that come in from the sea dressed in tattered fur clothing, frightfully descend on homes, and playfully chase locals with sticks and chains.

Screens in program VIFF Short Forum: Programme 1

Director Icon Director
Jennie Williams
Executive Producer Annette Clarke
Producer Latonia Hartery, Kat Baulu, Rohan Fernando
Screenwriter Jennie Williams
Cinematographer Nigel Markham, Duncan De Young
Editor Justin Simms
Music Sarah Harris
Production Company National Film Board of Canada
Contact National Film Board of Canada
Canada 2021 14 min. Clip 1 | Clip 2


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Jennie Williams is an Inuk visual artist and throat singer from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador. Her photography has received national acclaim, was included in the travelling exhibition SakKijâjuk, and is curated as part of the Future Possible series at The Rooms Provincial Gallery and the Bonavista Biennale. Jennie’s photos have also been featured in magazines such as Inuit Art Quarterly and Canadian Art. Her work has been recognized through honours such as the Elbow Room Residency and the Hnatyshyn Foundation’s REVEAL Indigenous Art Award. Her longest-running project is a 12-year photographic series on the Labrador tradition entitled Nalujuk Night.