Yuni is a typical high school girl who loves fashion, makeup, the color purple, and the Indonesian martial art silat. She is top of her class and on track to get a coveted college scholarship. But with her BFFs already engaged or pregnant, how much longer can she turn down marriage proposals from unfamiliar men? To improve her language grades, she enlists classmate Yoga to ghostwrite her poetry homework. Can the love and romantic worldview brimming from these verses be her salvation?

The unprecedented collaboration of director Kamila Andini (The Seen and Unseen, VIFF 2018) and screenwriter Prima Rusdi—two of Indonesia’s most brilliant feminist creators—is a wrenching cri de coeur from women whose aspirations to education and independence are systematically stifled. Andini’s free-flowing dive into character psychology is perfectly offset by Rusdi’s expertly refined storytelling. Seldom has a colour scheme of luscious pink and blushing lilac gradually acquired such a tone of tragic irony.

Platform Prize, TIFF 2021

Director Icon Director
Kamila Andini

Arawinda Kirana, Kevin Ardilova, Dimas Aditya, Marissa Anita, Asmara Abigail, Muhammad Khan
Executive Producer Ahmad Aditya, Ifa Isfansyah, Kamila Andini
Producer Ifa Isfansyah
Screenwriter Kamila Andini, Prima Rusdi
Cinematographer Teoh Gay Hian
Editor Lee Chatametikool
Music Alexis Rault
Art Director Budi Riyanto Karung
Production Company Fourcolours Films
Contact Cercamon
Indonesia/Singapore/France/Australia 2021 95 min. In Indonesian Trailer
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Kamila Andini is a filmmaker based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her films The Mirror Never Lies (2011) and The Seen and Unseen (2017) have shown at more than 50 film festivals around the world and received about 30 national and international awards, including Best Feature Film at Berlinale’s Generation Kplus in 2018. She has recently expanded her directing work into theatre, with the stage version of The Seen and Unseen performed at Esplanade Singapore 2018 and Asia Topa Melbourne 2019.

The Mirror Never Lies (2011); The Seen and Unseen (2017); Angel Sign (2019)