Show Me Other Places


Shot on various cameras and a video synthesizer, a Sri Lankan woman accesses multiple spaces in digital form. Relationships between creator, tool, and subject are questioned, shattered, and reconstructed.

Screens in program MODES 2

Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Rajee Samarasinghe

Delini Malka Samarasinghe
Producer Delini Malka Samarasinghe, Milani Samarasinghe, Rajee Samarasinghe
Screenwriter Rajee Samarasinghe
Cinematographer Rajee Samarasinghe
Editor Rajee Samarasinghe
Contact Rajee Samarasinghe
Sri Lanka/USA 2021 12 min. In No Dialogue Director’s Website


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Rajee Samarasinghe was born and raised amidst the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka. His filmmaking practice was born out of a desire to understand the circumstances around his childhood, and his work often navigates the terrain of ethnography, memory, migration, and impermanence. Samarasinghe is currently working on his debut feature film, Your Touch Makes Others Invisible—the project has received support from the Sundance Institute and Berlinale Talents.