VIFF Short Forum: Programme 2

Short Forum
Country of Origin: Canada
71 min.

Short films playing in this program:

  • Bad Seeds
  • Boobs
  • Defund
  • Hatha
  • Militant Mother
  • A Safe Distance
  • The Untouchable
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Director: Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Araya Mengesha / ON, 2021, 15 min.

Brother and Sister are millennial twins, trapped in their apartment and watching the BLM uprisings unfold on their phones. Fed up with sitting on the sidelines, they head out under the cover of night. Learn More...


Bad Seeds

Director: Claude Cloutier / QC, 2020, 7 min.

In a bizarre world where carnivorous plants can change shapes the way chameleons change colours, a shocking duel is peppered with allusions to the Western, the Cold War, board games, and much more. Learn More...

The Untouchable THUMBNAIL

The Untouchable

Director: Avazeh Shahnavaz / ON, 2021, 15 min.

Yassi is in the middle of a busy street, jumping in front of cars as she desperately searches for someone. The police try to contain the situation but only send things spiraling into further chaos. Learn More...



Director: Asia Youngman / BC, 2020, 10 min.

After a near collision at an intersection, two women find themselves face-to-face and at each other’s throats in a yoga class. Learn More...

Militant Mother THUMBNAIL

Militant Mother

Director: Carmen Pollard / BC, 2021, 8 min.

To get to class on time, children from the Raymur social housing project were forced to cross perilous train tracks. After months of advocating for a safe crossing, 25 mothers made their voices heard by blockading CN Rail. Learn More...



Director: Marie Valade / QC, 2021, 8 min.

A surrealist journey through a woman’s love-hate relationship with her breasts, her body, her femininity. Learn More...

A Safe Distance THUMBNAIL

A Safe Distance

Director: Gloria Mercer / BC, 2020, 8 min.

Trudging through a forest, two blood-splattered women stop to wash themselves, smoke a joint, and share thoughts about men, relationships, and bodily autonomy. Learn More...


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