VIFF Short Forum: Programme 4

Short Forum
Country of Origin: Canada
90 min.

Short films playing in this program:

  • Evan’s Drum
  • The Horses
  • The Isobel Imprint
  • Kiri and the Girl
  • Like the Ones I Used to Know
  • The Mohel
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The Horses

Director: Liz Cairns / BC, 2021, 13 min.

After several horses are euthanized at her barn, a woman must find a mare to put with the sole remaining horse. Learn More...

The Isobel Imprint THUMBNAIL

The Isobel Imprint

Director: Ali Grant / BC, 2021, 7 min.

Years after her sister’s devastating suicide, Ali Grant travels back through old letters, photos, and home movies to arrive at a pivotal moment in their intertwined destinies—Toronto in the summer of 1978. Learn More...

Like the Ones I Used to Know THUMBNAIL

Like the Ones I Used to Know

Director: Annie St-Pierre / QC, 2021, 18 min.

December 24, 1983, 10:50pm: everyone has had too much sugar, Santa Claus is late, and Denis, alone in his car, is anxious about setting foot in his ex-in-law’s house to pick up his kids. Learn More...


The Mohel

Director: Charles Wahl / NS, 2020, 15 min.

Family expectations and financial strain force James to confront the transactional nature of religion, and the realities of maintaining old traditions in a modern world. Learn More...


Evan's Drum

Director: Ossie Michelin / QC, NS, 2021, 15 min.

In this intimate look at Inuit family and culture, seven year-old Evan Winters from Happy Valley-Goose Bay learns the once-lost tradition of Labrador Inuit drum dancing from his mom. Learn More...

Kiri and the Girl THUMBNAIL

Kiri and the Girl

Director: Grace Dove / BC, 2021, 22 min.

Inspired by the experiences of Tlingit artist Kiri Geen, this is the story of a young girl navigating the loss of her mother, reclaiming her Indigenous heritage, and becoming her true self. Learn More...


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