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One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk Image

One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk

True North | Vancity Theatre Screening

In the northern reaches of Baffin Island in 1961, Noah (Apayata Kotierk) sets out on a traditional Inuit hunt only to run headlong into progress personified in the form of "Boss" (Kim Bodnia), an emissary who’s come to make a proposition on behalf of the Canadian government: assimilation in exchange for shelter and services. In the extended showdown that ensues, Zacharias Kunuk (Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner) crafts a remarkable real-time dialogue that - in its digressions, pauses, nuances and misunderstandings - encapsulates the multiple tragic faultlines running deep between the indigenous peoples and the colonizers. Humourous, compassionate and uncompromising, this is an important, radical film for anyone truly engaged with the idea of Reconciliation.

"A comedy of manners that is no laughing matter… sees Inuit-settler relationships humorously and tragically lost in translation. The film observes Noah Piugattuk (Apayata Kotierk) as he leads members of his community both young and old on the seal hunt his ancestors enjoyed. But when a white man interrupts the clan’s merriment on a mission to persuade Noah to move to a settlement in Igloolik, Kunuk realizes an encounter that speaks volumes. Through the nuances of languages and the complexity of translating ideological concepts into tongues that lack words to express them, Kunuk’s film poignantly observes a pivotal historical moment on levels both micro and macro." Pat Mullen, POV

Director Zacharias Kunuk
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2019
Running Time: 113 mins
Format: DCP
Classification: G
Language:In Inuktitut-English with English subtitles
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Cast: Apayata Kotierk, Kim Bodnia, Benjamin Kunuk


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