Ainsi soient-elles

VIFF Centre Screening | True North

"At its peak, Quebec’s chapter of the Society of Helpers of the Holy Spirit, an order of nuns engaged in social and political activism, had 35 members. At the time of filming, only eight remained. Though the nuns have never shied away from a struggle, they have chosen not to keep their community afloat beyond their lifetime, as they question their relevance in an increasingly secular society. Faure captures these remarkable women, now all in their eighties, as they prepare for the end of their mission and their lives.

Though the Helpers are passionate and vivacious when it comes to the values they believe in, the film is quiet and contemplative. It meditates on what it means to prepare for the end of one’s life and the procedures that requires. Faure shows the women going through their things, deciding what to keep and what to give up. A recurrent scene throughout the film shows the nuns checking each other’s blood pressure. Their faith provides them solace in leaving their corporeal form to pass on to the next realm, while their faith in humanity provides them solace that their values and good works will live on." Allegra Moyle, POV magazine

Director Icon Director
Maxime Faure
Producer Estelle Robin You, Audrey-Ann Dupuis-Pierre
Screenwriter Maxime Faure
Cinematographer Léna Mill-Reuillard
Editor Karen Benainous
Music K R O Y
Canada/France 2019 75 min. In French with English subtitles 19+ Website & Trailer | Le Devoir review (French) | POV review (English)


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