MENA 2021: The Forbidden Strings

Middle East and North Africa Film Festival

They’ve been making music together for years, despite the disapproval of the people around them. Akbar, Soori, Mohammed and Hakim are the only young immigrants in Iran who have formed a rock band. All they miss now is an opportunity to play live. The Forbidden Strings shows the musical foursome struggling to get themselves heard, and follows them in the run-up to a historic day. All four band members are children of Afghan parents who fled to Iran, and that means they face dangers if they return to their homeland. The rockers promise to stay out of trouble when they go to Kabul for their show, but they realize what they’re up against soon after arriving. Clearly, Afghanistan is still a very dangerous place. An honest film about four young people who have to break with tradition to express themselves.

The film can also be watched online.


Director Icon Director
Hasan Noori
Producer Afsaneh Salari, Hasan Noori
Iran/Afghanistan/Qatar 2021 72 min. In Persian with English subtitles 19+


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