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Volumetric Pitching Session: 1

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Director: Veerle Van Overloop

Layer is a dance/physical theatre/filmic work co-conceived by Box of Bird artists and dancers Katina Olsen, Cloe Fournier, and Olympia Kotopoulos. This team has recently been joined by international partners from Groningen in the Netherlands: ShELFISH Productions and WERC. Layer dances the story of three women, each alone and isolated with multiple cultural identities. They encounter multiple replications (or layers) of themselves in real, virtual, fragmented, and augmented realities. more...

There Exists THUMBNAIL

There Exists

Director: Anrick Bregman, Shehani Fernando

There Exists is an immersive docu-drama designed for room-scale VR; it tells of five extraordinary people whose stories have been forgotten by history but recovered by data-research using machine learning. Based on true events, these stories create a jumping off-point for a dramatic narrative journey that allows us to travel from past to present and into the future. more...

A Vocal Landscape THUMBNAIL

A Vocal Landscape

Director: Anne Jeppesen, Omid Zarei

A Vocal Landscape is a VR documentary based on an audio recording of a conversation revolving around a Persian poem that connects the two characters to themes of childhood, parenthood, and individual identity. Our project sprung from our fascination with the richness of the human voice and the subtle ways in which it communicates. Our personality, emotions, intentions, and dynamics are embedded in its timbre, rhythm, and intensities. more...

Uninterrupted THUMBNAIL


Director: Nettie Wild

UNINTERRUPTED-VR Social is a synchronized Virtual Reality experience that moves the heart of a river into the heart of the city, immersing audiences in the journey of threatened Pacific salmon. Transforming a massive work of site-specific 3D public art, UNINTERRUPTED-VR Social frees the work from its original location on a city bridge to deliver it via synchronized VR to new audiences in new locations, so that people can still come together to experience an urgent and inspiring message. more...

Our Home and Haunted Land THUMBNAIL

Our Home and Haunted Land

Director: Nadine Valcin

Our Home and Haunted Land is a mixed-reality immersive storytelling project that seeks to create new imaginary 3D environment spaces based on an assemblage of fragments of real-world data which embody histories that are usually rendered invisible and erased from the communal memory. The final output will be a 3D room-scale installation featuring projection mapping and Augmented Reality elements revealing some of the hidden histories that haunt the city. more...


Before Our Time

Directors: Timur Musabay, David Cameron

Before Our Time offers an unprecedented level of exploration of the world's most ancient and mysterious ruins. It provides a single access point on your desktop, or in a VR headset, to view multiple global locations in photo-realistic 8K stereo 360° imagery as well as volumetric, fully- explorable photgrammetric models. Explorers are guided by observations and narrations contributed by key figures in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, geology, and astronomy. more...

Stay Alive My Son THUMBNAIL

Stay Alive My Son

Director: Victoria Bousis

This Cannes XR Official Selection is based on the memoir by Pin Yathay, Stay Alive, My Son. It’s an immersive journey through Yathay’s heart to experience the story of a father and son. Using volumetric capture, we meet Young Yathay, his wife Any, and their two sons as they evade the watchful eye of a Khmer Rouge Chief. Through interactive mechanics and cinematic techniques, the player breathes life into each memory, as a gripping visual and emotional journey unravels… more...



Director: Ollie Rankin

Overwhelm is intended to humanize the climate emergency, because statistics and science tend to do the opposite. Through volumetric video interviews, we’ll share the true stories of children around the world who are already victims of climate change; to burst the bubble of first world comfort and complacency. To show the true scale of the problem. But also to show the true scale of the growing rebellion. more...

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