VIFF Immersed

From lead artist, Pyaré, ASTROPORT is an aquatic VR exhibition using the revolutionary VR waterproof headset. It invites visitors to float on water while breathing with a snorkel, giving an illusion of being immersed in space. ASTROPORT is made up of 2 main spaces, creating a multi-sensory journey whose scenography takes into account the practical aspects so as not to break the immersion in the fictional world. The aesthetics of ASTROPORT is the mashup between poetry and science, or George Méliès’ silence films like A Trip to the Moon mixed with Nasa Apollo 11 documentary. SPACED OUT transports the visitors from earth to the moon, from water to space and from the first to the third person leaving body behind, to reach the moon and then its hollow center. This aquatic VR experience was selected at Sundance Film festival in 2020. THE IMPOSSIBLE VOYAGE is a satire of scientific exploration in which a group of geographically minded tourists attempt a journey to the sun.

Director Icon Director
Pierre "Pyaré" Friquet
Canada 360 Video