Rabiola Tales

VIFF Immersed

Kites are a constant in the skies of Rio’s favelas, where RABIOLA TALES takes place. The story opens in a kite shop in the northern part of Rio. Paulo, the old man who owns the store, welcomes us inside. He starts telling us why he fell in love with the magic of flying kites. Afterward, he invites us to fly a virtual kite and gives us simple instructions about how to use the VR controllers to explore the sky. RABIOLA TALES transports users to a rooftop in the middle of the distinctive architecture of favelas. A glorious sunset is taking place as Paulo gives you tips about how to use the VR controllers to fly your kite. The sky will be full of kites, and as you fly near by them, it triggers quick stories from the neighborhood. When people hear about favelas, they often think about violence and drug trafficking. But this is not the totality of favela life. There are a TON of ’favela stories’ that are not being told. For the RABIOLA TALES team, kite culture is one of those stories.

Director Icon Director
Leonardo Souza
Brazil 360 Video