Climate Freakout People Are Not Popular At Parties

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Back in 2016 a group of five climate activists undertook the biggest climate action against an energy infrastructure in U.S history. They shut off tar sands pipeline valves near Burlington in Washington’s Skagit Valley, Coal Banks Landing in Montana, Walhalla in North Dakota, and Minnesota. Michael Foster (53), the group’s leader, was the only activist incarcerated for this action. ’I’m More Afraid of Climate Change - Than I Am of Prison’ is an immersive 6-DoF interactive VR docufiction experience. In the experience, participants relive the events of that day and ultimately shut-off the Keystone pipeline. Throughout the piece, Foster’s own voice and memories accompany them, sharing the sad story of his alienation from his wife and children who were driven away by his passion.

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Nim Shapira
USA 6 Degrees of Freedom