Love & Remembrance - Mixed reality museum

VIFF Immersed

In this VR experience, we take the audience through Nicaragua’s popular insurrection affective moments and introduce three of the victims. The user has agency to experience some of the decisions protesters lived during the civic uprisings: in a safe house witnessing from afar or out on the streets. If the user selects the streets, they can witness and assist the protesters’ in their response to state repression and the efforts to protect their communities with barricades. In both scenarios, the audience learns about the loss of hundreds of lives, how the victims’ families organized to resist the government’s effort to erase their lives and memories. Finally, the experience introduces the story of three young students killed: Gerald, Franco, and Alvaro, through the testimonies of their families. This interactive first-person narrative centers on the right to memory, to remember who the victims were and how their families continue to build memory.

Director Icon Director
Emilia Yang
Canada 360 Video