Miskatonic VR

VIFF Immersed

Meet Howard Lovecraft, a boy who’s already battled Elder Gods and nameless horrors, who now must face his greatest challenge yet: College. Someday, Lovecraft will be a famous author, known for his terrifying books about cosmic monstrosities. What the public doesn’t know is that those books will be based on personal experience. Somewhere between Harvard and Hogwarts, Miskatonic University is the premier school of the occult. The Massachusetts institution houses some of the greatest minds of its era, and most of them are still alive! Miskatonic is a follow up to the very successful Howard Lovecraft trilogy. This time, Howard is in University and you can join him on these magical, spooky adventures in the Virtual Reality world. You must help him complete a set of magical tasks in class… and more! Do you have the power? The project is being produced through Arcana Studio & was created by Sean O’Reilly, producer of the Howard Lovecraft Trilogy.

Director Icon Director
Reanna Cameron
Canada 360 Video