Memory place

VIFF Immersed

Memory Place is a mixed reality experience that follows three moments of memory on the fraying certainty of my home, Istanbul. The visualizations are produced through point cloud data using photogrammetry to portray and preserve private and public recollections. A series of mobile or headset based AR installations invite the viewer to 'walk' inside these memories, creating an immersive experience of a fading past. The piece explores the alienation that arises from a volatile socio-political climate that has changed the Turkey I grew up in forever. As a few moments remain intact, recollections of safe and cherished times with family remain as the only uninterrupted memories in contrast with an increasingly unstable country reflected through the rebellious streets of Istanbul. Watch the 2D version of the project below:

XR Market Grant, VIFF Immersed 2021

Director Icon Director
Zeynep Abes
Turkey Mixed Reality