Lunatic / VR / 6DOF

VIFF Immersed

LUNATIC connects two worlds, the world of dreams, fantasies, fears, guesses and the world of receivers and users. She invites you to make your childhood dream come true: to hide in the cinema after closing, start exploring the space in your own way, listening lovingly sounds that the movie hall brings out while breathing. What’s dreaming about us this walls?Does the space that has been touched, photographed, dirty and cleaned for so many years starts to live own live when a humans being leaves it? And what’s is a movie? The light on the screen ore everything around exept the screen? What role playing in this movie imperfections, interference, glasses which falling out of pockets, phones ringing, squeaking seats and doors, small blisters, boring movies, snoring, commenting, cursing the operator, broken microphones, shadows, fear of the dark, spilled drinks and unsuccessful dates. Space captured using a 3D scan / character activities archived using the volumetric technique

Director Icon Director
Palina Kamarova
Poland 6 Degrees of Freedom