Alternates (Bergantian)

VIFF Immersed

Bali province has got major transformations in recent years in order to welcome the next World Expo in 2025. This will also be an opportunity to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the independence of the largest muslim country in the world, ruled by the political group "Darul Islam" without interruption since 1945. In the city of Gianyar Jaya, a couple of dancer and Gamelan musician clandestinely practice Wayang Topeng, an ancient form of art that has almost disappeared in Indonesia after 77 years of Islamic rule. However, their latest piece, a modified version of the legend of Panji, is gaining visibility in social medias. "Alternates" depicts these two artists practicing their art despite severe repression and censorship from the religious authorities.

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Jonathan Hagard
Japan, Indonesia, Germany 6 Degrees of Freedom