Holocaust - Abstrakt

VIFF Immersed

Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial is a riveting site that evokes a sprawling yet orderly graveyard. It is impossible to walk through the silent slabs without being profoundly moved. Unfortunately, most young people will not have the chance to experience the Memorial personally: their associations with the Holocaust are limited to grainy black and white films from decades past, textbooks in classes, and the recollections of a dwindling number of survivors… often in languages they do not understand. Fortunately, as technologists and storytellers, we are adept with the very tools needed to reach young minds and imaginations in ways that are engaging, non-didactic, fundamentally cool… and shown to powerfully engender empathy in the participants. By re-creating this physical experience through VR and infusing it with holographic survivor accounts, we can let it meet young audiences in the space where their minds and imaginations are most active.

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Michael Liebe
Canada 360 Video