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Modified is a first-person documentary-memoir that questions why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not labeled on food products in Canada and the United States, despite being labeled in 64 countries around the world. Interweaving the personal and the political, the film is anchored in the filmmaker’s relationship to her mother, a passionate gardener and food activist. Their intimate mother-daughter investigative journey, fueled by a shared love of food, ultimately reveals the extent to which industrial interests control our food policies, making a strong case for a more transparent and sustainable food system.

Followed by Vancity Impact Talk with panel discussion.

Panel Moderator:
Veronik Campbell is the Community-Engaged Education & Partnerships Manager at UBC Farm.

Panel Guests:
Hans Forstbauer is a farmer, a philosopher, and a quiet activist.  He bought his first farm in 1972, and as a pioneer in the modern organic industry, has always lived by the mantra “growing healthy food in healthy soil”.
Chris Thoreau, agriculturalist, cooperator and Farm Folk City Folk staff person.
Navin Ramankutty is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Environmental Change and Food Security at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs and the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. His research uses global data and models to explore solutions for sustainably feeding humanity.

"With such a weighty subject as its focus, it is a testament to Giroux’s deft story-telling that "Modified" is so compelling and compassionate, and that it can evoke such a range of emotions. This film made me smile, laugh, weep, feel the urge to throttle a couple of people, and to hug a few more." Joan Baxter, Medium

"A very personal, tender, touching tribute to a great mom, and a well-researched, well-written, enlightening and powerful documentary!" Jacques Pépin

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Director Aube Giroux
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2017
Running Time: 86 mins
Format: DCP
Classification: PG
Language:In French and English with English subtitles
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